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About Us

Andrew Kennedy is 36 years old, and has been the manager (and a partner) of Canonbar Pastoral Co at Nyngan NSW since 2009. Before 2009 Andrew worked under his father Rodney at Canonbar. In 2009 Andrew's father Rodney and mother Kathy handed control of the family farm business over to their children Bernard, Rob, Andrew & Ange. All of the family are still actively invloved in the running of the property and farm business.

Andrew and his wife Alison and their three children Dan 7, Clare 5 and Maggie 4 live on “Gudgery Park,” (a Canonbar Pastoral Co property) 31km east of Nyngan (between Nyngan and Nevertire).

Andrew gained his love and knowledge of kelpies from a very early age from his father Rodney Kennedy, who has been breeding and training kelpie dogs for nearly 50 years.

Andrew’s Grandfather Tom Ticehurst (on his mother Kathy’s side) owned country at Cobar, Whitecliffs and Nyngan and was also a keen dog breeder and trainer as far back as 1950.

Top quality working kelpie dogs are something Andrew has always known and loved. Breeding and training good dogs is in his blood.