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Welcome to Andrew Kennedy Kelpies. 

Burgess - Selling at Casterton Working Dog Auction, June 12 2016

Andrew Kennedy is the manager (and a partner) of Canonbar Pastoral Co situated at Nyngan NSW. Canonbar Pastoral Co runs up to 25,000 sheep across 3 owned properties totalling 26,000 acres and several other agisted/leased properties adding an additional 20,000 acres.

With the amount of sheep work involved on Canonbar Pastoral Co, top quality working dogs are a necessity. Properly bred and trained dogs are essential tools if you have a sheep enterprise.

Andrew breeds and trains working kelpie dogs from elite blood lines. Andrew’s dogs are selected to handle the daily grind of station activities such as:

  • Paddock and yard work on mobs of 3 to 3,500 sheep
  • Drafting
  • Filling races
  • Loading trucks
  • Weighing lambs
  • Scanning
  • Plunge dipping
  • Penning up in the shearing shed
  • Mustering and droving on 2 wheelers
  • Mustering and droving on 4 wheelers
  • Mustering and droving in utes
  • And much, much more….

In fact, the amount of work Andrew’s dogs can get through is truly amazing! In a 3 month period in 2012, Canonbar Pastoral Co trucked away for sale over 12,000 sheep, (lambs and cast for age ewes) all of which had to be mustered, drafted and weighed before being sold. During this period, general shearing and plunge dipping also occurred, as well as the completion of lamb marking.

Andrew’s dogs have to be able to get the task at hand done effectively and efficiently; whether that be getting 3 missed sheep out of a back paddock; getting 3,500 weaner lambs into the yards; loading a road train; drafting; or filling a drenching race.

Andrew also has a keen interest in trialling and he selects and breeds dogs with intelligence, style and poise. However, at this stage of Andrew’s life, time does not permit following the dog trial circuit. He only attends an odd trial. Andrew is very busy running Canonbar Pastoral Co. “Getting through our daily station activities efficiently is my number one priority.” And that is what Andrew’s dogs are bred and trained to do.

Andrew has been selling top quality dogs for some years and the proof is in the pudding. In 2012 at Wagga Dog Auction, four(4) of Andrew Kennedy’s dogs averaged $6,300 with his top dog “Foo” setting a new auction record at $8,500. In 2013 Andrew again topped the Wagga Dog Auction, setting another record with his dog “Boots” who sold to a repeat buyer for $8,600. In June 2013 Andrew offered "Choker" for sale at the annual Casterton Working Dog Auction in Victoria.  "Choker" was sold for $9,000 to a Victorian buyer to be used as a stud sire and in their stock carting business. In 2014 Andrew set again set a new auction record at the Wagga dog auction with "Junior" who was sold to a sheep an cattle farmer at Winton Queensland for $9500. These results are just rewards for all the time and effort put into the breeding and training of the dogs. Andrew Kennedy Kelpies are becoming very sought after. It seems people are willing to pay top dollar for intelligent, early starting dogs that possess the stamina and toughness to go hard all day.

Practical dogs that can get the job done are a sound investment. Never underestimate the true value of an Andrew Kennedy Kelpie. The right dog can save you a lot of time….. And as they say, time is money!!